Bo Håkanson, 1970, is positioned in Malmö Symphony Orchestra as timpanist/percussionist since 1995.
As a soloist with orchestra he has performed Mark Anthony Turnages Double Percussion Concerto, Fractured Lines, featured on a tour in Sweden with Malmö SO together with Lennart Gruvstedt, and premiered HK Grubers percussion concerto Rough Music in Sweden, with the composer himself as conductor.
He has great interest in percussion ensemble and attended the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg 1992 and 1999, and was awarded first prize both times. Since 2006 he has been a member of the finnsih/swedish percussion duo Veljet AB together with Antti Ohenoja.
Bo is also an active teacher and is since 2005 teaching at the High School of Music in Malmö (Latinskolan). He has also been responsible for Blekinge International Timpani Academy, 2010-2015 and been invited to the Trakai Fanfare Week in Lithuania 2009- 2012 for masterclasses, performances and even chamber music with the Ciurlionis Quartet. In August 2023, Bo arranged masterclasses with the new push/pull technique applied by the brazilian drummer Ramon Montagner. This technique makes it possible to play with one stick what before could be done with two sticks.
For many years and hereafter, Bo has been involved in many recordings in different music styles, and still performs often as baroque timpanist, percussionist or drummer in different settings around the area in Sweden and Denmark.