Project description: „Trakai Fanfare Week“ (the summer music academy and the music festival ) – is an artistic educational project which this year will take place in Trakai for the 19th time. The numbers of participants and spectators keep on growing together with the positive feedback from Lithuania and abroad.

A brief history: in 2003 we implemented the first international project – Brass Band Festival „We welcome Trakai“ and realized that there are many similar festivals in Lithuania. Thus was born the idea to organize the festival together with the music courses for brass instruments’ players and the orchestra, and also percussionists at a later date.

Projects of 2005-2023 have increased both in quantity and quality. They lasted for 7 days and stood out not only because of the amount of participants and genres, but above all because of the educational theme – brass, percussion and fanfare orchestra‘s master classes led by leading educators in their fields and soloists from several European Union countries and Lithuania. Well known teachers, soloists and musicians work in the music courses.

Conductors: Bert Langeler (the Netherlands), Luc Vertommen (Belgium).
Saxophones: Liudas Mockūnas (Lithuania), Linda Arnoldus (the Netherlands), Johan van der Linden (the Netherlands), Jan Maksimovič (Lithuania), Vytautas Labutis (Lithuania), Liutauras Janušaitis (Lithuania), Rusnė Mikiškaitė (Lithuania), Kęstutis Vaiginis (Lithuania), Nathaniel Facey (Great Britain).
Horns: Jukka Harju (Finland), Annamia Larsson (Sweden), Martin Schöpfer (Austria), Manolo Pérez (Spain), Rene Pagen (Netherlands), Miklós Nagy (Hungary), Indrė Kuleševičienė (Lithuania), Natalie Brooke Higgins (USA). Trumpets: Tomas Gricius (Finland), Frits Damrow (the Netherlands), Aki Välimäki (Finland), James Stretton (Great Britain), Wim Van Hasselt (Belgium), Per Ivarsson (Sweden), Valerijus Ramoška (Lithuania), Laurynas Lapė (Lithuania), Urban Agnas (Sweden), Tom Poulson (Great Britain), Max Sommerhalder (Switzerland), Carlos Benetó (Spain), Juanjo Serna (Spain), Klaus Bräker (Germany), Gabriele Cassone (Italy), Dominique Bodart (Belgium), Támas Palfalvi (Hungary), Dovas Lietuvninkas (Lithuania), Miroslav Petkov (Bulgaria), James Thompson (USA), Adam Rapa (USA), Jonas Šilinskas (Lithuania), Jens Lindemann (Canada), Huw Morgan (Great Britain).
Trombones:Marius Balčytis (Lithuania), Vygantas Šilinskas (Lithuania), Tobias Schiessler (Germany), Lars Ragnar Karlin (Sweden), Jonas Bylund (Sweden), Frederic Belli (Germany), Indalecio Bonet (Spain), Brandt Attema (Netherlands), Niels-Ole Bo Johansen (Denmark), Sebastiaan Kemner (Netherlands), Attila Szán (Hungary), Peter Moore (Great Britain), Matyas Veer (Hungary), Ian Bousfield (Great Britain), Kris Garfitt (Great Britain).
Euphonium: Steven Mead (Great Britain), Glenn Van Looy (Belgium), Bastien Baumet (France).
Tubas: Laimonas Masevičius (Lithuania), Sami Al Fakir (Sweden), Sergio Finca (Spain), Roland Szentpali (Hungary), Giedrius Steponaitis (Lithuania), József Bazsinka Jr. (Hungary), Sergijus Kirsenka (Lithuania).
Percussions: Bo Håkanson (Sweden), Peter Vulperhorst (the Netherlands), Tomas Kulikauskas (Lithuania), Arūnas Banys (Lithuania), Mariusz Mocarski (Poland), Marijus Aleksa (Lithuania), Gediminas Mačiulskis (Lithuania).
Jazz pianist Dmitrij Golovanov (Lithuania), bass guitar Domas Aleksa (Lithuania).

The summer school workshops and seminars were attended by students  from Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, Colombia, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Argentina, Norway, France, Belgium. In the evenings professional artists, gifted young people and the participants of the music courses give concerts.

The guests of the festival include such renowned ensembles as the Netherlands National Fanfare Youth Orchestra, Rivierenland Fanfare Orchestra (the Netherlands), “Kybartai” Orchestra (Lithuania), “Baroque Tallinn (Estonia), SoundInnBrass (Austria), Passborg ‘ Odessa 4‘ (Denmark), “Jugendkapelle der Stadt Aalen” (Germany), „Camerata Klaipėda“, „Vilnius Brass“, Sostinės Vario Quintet“, “Čiurlionis Quartet”, „Protuberus Brass“, ”Giunter Percussion” , „Traffic Quartet“, “Trombone Unit Hanover”(Germany), Liudas Mockūnas and Petras Geniušas (Lithuania), “Stockholm Chamber Brass”(Sweden), “A4 Brass Quartet”(Great Britain), “Morganfreeman”(Germany), “Made in 234” (Lithuania), “Spanish Brass”(Spain), “Brasspalvos” (Lithuania), “Amber Brass”(Lithuania), “CinAmono”(Lithuania), Purpura Pansa (Spain), Valerijus Ramoška Quartet (Lithuania), Philbrass (Lithuania), Duo AttemaHaring (Netherlands), Opera Brass (Lithuania), Septura Brass (Great Britain), Budapest Festival Horn Quartet (Hungary), Miroslav Petkov and Bodurov Trio (Bulgaria), Kęstutis Vaiginis Quartet (Lithuania/Latvia), Brucker Quartet (Netherlands), In Medias Brass (Hungary), Karlsruhe Trombone Quartet (Germany), Vilnius JJAZZ Ensemble (Lithuania) .