Brandt Attema is bastrombonist and contrabastrombonist of the Radio Filharmonic Orchestra of the Netherlands and of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble. He is also a member of, and – together with Jörgen van Rijen and Sebastiaan Kemner – artistically responsible for the New Trombone Collective and for the bi-annual trombone festival Slide Factory. As a free-lancer he plays all over Europe with the main orchestra’s and contemporary music ensembles. Brandt is also featured on the cd Slide Monsters with world-famous trombonists Joe Alessi, Marshall Gilkes and Eijiro Nakagawa.

In 2008 Brandt and harpist Astrid Haring were the first worldwide to form a bastrombone-harp duo. Since then more then 15 compositions were especially composed for their duo and they perform concerts from South-America to Asia and from Norway to Spain.

As a bastrombone teacher, Brandt is connected to the Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam and the Royal conservatory in The Hague. As a soloist he performs all around world, for example with the military orchestra of The Guides from Belgium on the World Music contest 2013 in Kerkrade and the Stavanger Brassband in 2014.