Aistė Bružaitė, a professional kanklėsplayer, has been an active participant of the musical life in Lithuania and abroad for over a decade. She has been expanding the possibilities of the kanklėsmusic by participating in different projects together with the performers of classical musical instruments and orchestras, playing in different ensembles, and rising to challenges and innovations. Aistė has performed a number of new works of Lithuanian composers, initiated by herself. She has been the first performer of A. Martinaitis’Aistmarės, Concerto for kanklėsand chamber orchestra, has prepared several programmes and recorded compositions together with the Jauna Muzika Choir of the Vilnius City Municipality (artistic director and conductor: Vaclovas Augustinas). Aistė performed solo with the Lithuanian National Orchestra, the St. Petersburg State Capella, and Pskov (Russia) Symphony Orchestra, moreover, prepared and published a collection of the latest compositions for kanklės 21stCentury Music for Kanklės and Kanklės Duo.By participating in different ensembles, Aistė prepared and published four CDs. She has been an active organiser of national and international events, concerts, and seminars all over Lithuania and a participant of national and international conferences and seminars. In 2016, together with the Art VioString Quartet and the Folk Instrument Orchestra of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre,  she has organised and recorded a concert-recital in the radio concert studio of the Lithuanian National Radio and Television, in which premieres of Lithuanian composers have been performed.